Holiday Cuckolding means: Time to get that raise!

Holiday Cuckolding!

You know you are truly lost without your wife.  Now is the time, little cuckie, to put that wife to work.  I think we both know that your boss has been sizing up your wife for some time now.  He makes far more money than you, and, let’s face it, probably has a larger cock.   He is at least more of a man than you, and to top it all off, at least ten years younger.

It hurts to be replaced by a younger man.

Yes, I know, but still, it’s the holidays, and it’s time to give your wife the gift she will truly deserve.  You need to make more money, and she needs better quality sex in her life.  Why not have both?    So, I’ve worked out a deal with your wife and your boss to negotiate a pay raise for YOU!  Isn’t that great my little cuckie?   You are finally going to be making the six figure income that she so deserves.

There is one little catch in this cucking adventure.

You will have to work more hours, and see your wife even less than you do now.  I know it will be hard for her, but don’t worry, your boss will be working less.  This is the fantastic life of a cuckold.   You can expect that he will be coming home to his larger than life house to see your wife standing there in her finest teddy and heels.

Don’t worry, she’ll be able to afford it with your new paycheck.

All of this to bring in the very best 2017 new year.  After all this year sort of sucked for most of us, so this next year will be nothing but fantastic.   At least it will be for your wife.  You on the other hand, will be going on tons of business trips all over the world.

Well, at least you get to travel…

Does this sound like as much fun for you as it would be for me?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

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