Mistress Piper's cuckold training has you taking a cock in your ass!

Your ass belongs to me!

If you’re a cuckold, it’s highly likely your hot wife or Mistress is going to eventually bring up the possibility of you taking cock to prove your loyalty and fidelity.

After all, you’ve been moaning and pledging your undying love and promising you’ll do anything if only she’ll give you a little hand job or let you fuck her feet. Did you not plan on that bill coming due?

It’s not my fault you can’t control your tongue when your little clitty gets hard and you need to cum so badly!

It’s easy enough to suck cock for Mistress. Goodness knows you watch enough cuckold porn, you have your technique down pat! No, I want you to sacrifice all of your manhood. I want you to really prove your devotion. I want it to cost you!

You know that means you’ll be bottoms up for my cuckold bull and begging him to fuck your virgin cuckold ass!

But I’m not completely heartless! I have a training plan for your little booty that will get you ready to be a butt slut in no time!

We start with a butt plug set in graduating sizes, and we have you sit on the smallest one while you’re at home watching the game one afternoon. Then we just start going up from there. You’ll have Mr. Gigantic in your bottom before you know it.

You’re such a naughty little whore, I’ll bet you’ll even love it.

Hell, I’ll probably have to hide them from you because you’ll be stuffing your slutty ass all the time and sashaying around like a bitch in heat!

Oh, and one other thing. You won’t be allowed to cum unless you have your cunt stuffed. How’s that for an incentive to get that asshole trained?

Don’t worry baby, by the time you’re begging for my big dildo, you’ll be more than ready to offer up that sweet little cuckold cunt on a platter for my hot stud lover. You’ll take cock for Mistress like a pro!


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