Humiliating a Cuckold is Something Ms. Simone Loves to do!

You are in a humiliating cuckold situation.

It’s pretty humiliating, being a cuckold.  You are this way because you have a tiny cock and are not capable of satisfying your wife. Furthermore, she rubs it in your face, by doing it right in your bed. You know, of course, that you absolutely love your wife and want her to be happy and satisfied.  You have a good job and want to give her the world.

You would give her your big cock, if you had one.

But, you don’t, so you invite over your best friend and ask for him to help you out. He agrees, saying that he will do it, even though it will be awkward. You have no idea that he has been sleeping with your wife for the past two years already.

Your wife is pleased as spiked punch that she no longer has to hide her secret.

The two of them have conspired at getting you to catch them for at least a year now. You, however, are quite dense when it comes to your wife’s loyalty. So now it is a new year, and there are no secrets. Your best friend is now fully vested in the relationship and you are officially a cuckold.

But, what do you do when your best friend gets a better job than you?

Your cuckold relationship enters a new level of humiliation when he becomes partner in a law firm. You are stuck with your nine to five job and he is wanting to take her to the islands to have some fun. Who are you to say no, so you don’t.

You’re a cuckold that makes less money then the bull that is having sex with your wife.

I can help you with this humiliating cuckold situation when you call by teaching you all about your place in this relationship. Just like in life, little cuckold, you are evolving. Let this new year be about acceptance of your new place in your wife’s life as best friend, chef, massage therapist. and obedient maid.

Hugs and Kisses

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil)

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