Simple Cuckoldry and Why It is the Lifestyle for YouBe A Cuckold

You’re penis is small.  And you know there is an intense deliciousness in being a cuckold. It’s pretty hot when a man gets off on this kind of fetish play. There are so many reasons a man gets turned on by watching his wife fucking someone else. Or maybe the adoption of cuckoldry is a result of a man’s chronic suffering from “small penis syndrome.” Whatever the reason may be, I suppose it’s best handled when you fetishize it.

Okay, so every man has his personal range of reasons why cuckolding is hot.  They get off on the idea of another man giving their wife pleasure, not to mention the intense visual stimulation that goes along with it. It’s like seeing an explicit live porn show with primal moans in stereo and the smell of sex in the air. For some men, it’s akin to punishment, to be on your knees ready to be humiliated. Lucky for you, she’s feeling very generous tonight.

Cuckoldry is Simple for You

It’s time for you to enjoy the pleasures of being a cuckold and enjoying the exhibitionism. The sights unfolding before you will have a powerful psychosexual hold over your imagination because it is so intensely humiliating. Your initial response will, of course, be anger…but over time this will morph into intrigue and intense curiosity. Finally, in the last stage of development, it will change to acceptance and even cravings when it’s not immediately available to you.

You are at a point in your life where you enjoy sex but are also willing to try new things to keep the fire alive in your marriage. For you, this means becoming a voyeuristic jerk-aholic. So stop wasting time. No need to continue researching the subject. Cuckoldry is simple…accept it and commit to the lifestyle.

Let the Cuckold Lifestyle Begin

Your wife is hot, horny, highly fuckable and ready for another man. No doubt just hearing these words make you hard. I understand and appreciate your kinks and perversions…so with that, let the cuckold lifestyle begin.


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