Some poor cuckies get the small penis cuckold blues, and it’s terrible!

Just awful, everyone agrees, when a poor little cuck starts to feel left out of the fun. I mean, it’s just unfair! It’s not his fault he has small hands, and a smaller dicklette. But that ego! That’s where the small penis cuckold blues arises from: the ego. It’s very common for males with tiny pricks to have a sort of a Napoleon Syndrome in which they assume they actually are well endowed, good in bed, and fantastic lovers. The truth, so obvious to everyone else, is that they’re just inadequate.

Harper 1 800 356 6169 small penis cuckold bluesSmall penis cuckold blues comes along when a tiny prick tries to act like a big man.

That tiny little thing could never fill the shoes of a smart, competent, well-endowed black man. They say that once you go black you never go back, and I can tell you that any white loser with a little penis is just such a let down after you’ve had the best. Convincing some of those tiny dick’d and under-endowed white assholes that they’re no good can be such a battle. It feels like a damn court battle, where you have to present your case and then deal with the whining about rigged tape measures. No, you really did lose by like, three million inches (At least, when it’s in me it feels like three million inches. Mmm)

Weak males will always bluster and try to fake their way through being a man.

The small penis cuckold blues hit them so hard, and the only psychological defense they have is to deny and bluster, twist reality to suit their deranged need to be the biggest cock on the walk. The cold, hard truth is there are so many real men, with actual huge cocks. And women with access to great huge strap-on cocks! Ladies of the world: we can do better than to settle for some small penis cuckold blues. We deserve better! So shove that tiny prick aside and go get a nice big cock to ride, all the way to that amazing orgasmic finish.

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