Types of cuckolds

There many different types of cuckolded men… But most can be placed into one of two general categories – There are those who are there simply to observe, to see their wife or girlfriend be pleasured over and over by a big cock (or two… or three…) sitting off to the side, their pricks standing straight up in their laps as the love of their life is nailed to the mattress and screams out another man’s name… And there are still others who get in on the action, taking an active role in helping to please their wife or girlfriend, and maybe even the massive dick that’s making her explode. Honestly, both types have their charms… But today I’m talking to you active little cucks.

Don’t be scared

If you ask nicely, there are so many different ways that you can become involved in your wife or girlfriend’s pleasure (even if you’re not… equipped… to deliver it personally). I’m going to give you a peek at my favourite position to put The Boy into when I’m being fucked hard by one of my stud lovers…

On your knees

My all time favourite arrangement, is to have my lover sit on the edge of the bed. Then I climb up into his lap facing out, my creamy thighs spread wide as I slip down on his cock until he is buried balls deep inside my tight little pussy. Next I’ll have The Boy get onto his knees between our legs and snuggle in close – this puts his face exactly where I want it to be… At this point he knows his role and will eagerly stick his tongue out and start flicking it against my clit. The best part comes as I start to ride that big, thick cock… The Boy’s tongue will play on my clit, and the underside of my lover’s shaft as he pounds it in and out of me.. It’s an incredibly huge turn on for both me AND my lucky bisexual cuckold boy!

So next time your partner is being stretched and pleased by her bull lover, fall down to your knees and show her what a GOOD little cuck you can be!

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