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I Don’t Cuckold Jack

For those of you who have read my blogs, or talked with me, you know I am married to a wonderful subby hubby, Jack. Before I got married, I could have my pick of well-hung lovers, and I would cuckold my subs. And, before he met me, despite having a Bull-like dick, Jack occasionally played as a cuckold. We made a decision though that he would never be the cuck in our relationship. I mean, why should I up that gorgeous cock for another! So silly!

But He Does Get Cuckolded

This just goes to show that all cuckolding relationships are not the same. Sometimes, Jack just gets in that mood, where he wants to be used as a slut – and I want to watch! Call it voyeuristic cuckolding. We have few couples who are friends of ours who love to help us with our fantasies. Who wouldn’t? He gets sucked, she gets fucked – and I get to show off my sub! Good times all around.

I’ve Got A Voyeuristic Streak

That’s why I love watching you guys on cam! Back on topic though – I like to watch! I’ll sit in the corner and watch Jack get on his knees and worship another big cock until it’s hard and ready for her. Just watching Jack give a great blowjob usually has the ladies dripping and ready for action. While the couple sex it up, I usually have Jack come over and lick me. He has one job. If he expects to cum, he’d better lick me to an orgasm before that cream pie is served!

So you DO Get Cuckolded!

So what must you do, cuck? Click the box to hear what Ms. Delia expects!

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