Ms. Delia Asks What Kind Of Cuckold Are You?

Beg to be My cuckold

Beg to be My cuckold

In talking with my cuckold pets in a bit of a “cuck survey” I collected all the embarassing data, and I’ve narrowed it down to 4 types of cucks.  So which one are you? Ms Delia wants you to confess which cuckold type you really are!

Active Slave Cuckold

Sexually useless to your Cuckoldress, but you might just be useful to her Bull.  The Active Slave Cuckold helps his hot wife get ready for her dates – bathing her, picking out clothes for her, maybe even picking out a Bull for the two of them.  Of course, he’s a fluffer, on his knees, getting that cock hard and ready for his Mistress.  And sometimes, he may even need to give up his ass if his Mistress is too tired or otherwise unavailable.

Sissy Girlfriend cuckold

Do you like to dress up as a gurl – panties, bra, stockings, a dress?  Do you go out with your cheating girlfriend and play wing woman for her at the bar, helping her to pick up a stud for her to take home? Maybe you even go home as the beta male to your girlfriend’s Alpha Bull and “take one for the team”!

Sexually Useless Cuckold

Do you just sit in the corner watching that Bull use your wife for his pleasure?  Do you get off on hearing her moans of ecstasy?  You don’t suck cock, you’re sexually useless all the way around.  Your only use is in getting her ready, helping her to find a big, thick cock, and maybe in cleaning out the creampie from her well used pussy.  Your penis is so small, she completely ignores it and doesn’t even make fun of the fact that you can’t sexually satisfy her

Passive Cuckold

You have a cheating girlfriend, you know you’re being cuckolded, and you do nothing about it.  She doesn’t bring her Bulls home, and you don’t ask.  But, on those rare occasions she isn’t completely satisfied when she finally does stumble home and into bed, you love the taste of another man’s cream as you lick her to her final orgasms of the night!

So answer the question. What kind of Cuckold are you? I really do want to hear all your naughty cuckolding secrets!

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