Ms IvyYou have been suspecting that your wife has been cheating you on for quite some time. Several things just seem…out of place.

You come home and some days she is just happy-go-lucky, her face is a little flush, she is a little sweaty and her hair is in a disarray, not to mention the majority of her makeup has melted off and some eyeliner is running under her eyes.

It looks like she had quite the work out~

Not to mention the particular aroma that emits from your bedroom, and the moist, stained panties that are in the hamper.

You decide to put a recorder in and around the place to see just what goes on when you are not around. You leave it just for a couple of days, and when you retrieve the tapes your suspicions are only confirmed.

You hear over and over again, another man entering your home and subsequently entering your wife—you hear her moaning and screaming louder than ever before, you hear words escape her mouth that almost put you in shock.

You hear her begging him to fuck her harder and deeper, to slap her on the ass.

Words you’ve never heard her say before.

And even though all of your suspicions are coming true, and even though your entire world is crashing down on you—you can feel some pressure in your pants as that cock begins to grow harder with every moan of your wife, every grunt from her lover, every creaking sound of your bed.

You find yourself slipping your hand into your pants and stroking along with the momentum of their moans and bed sounds.

You close your eyes and you can picture yourself right there, this man with a much bigger cock than yours destroying your wife’s pussy, owning her.

He now owns her. He is the only one that gets to make her cum. He’s the reason she’s in a good mood in the evenings, and now they are going to be the reason YOU are in a ‘good/relaxed’ mood—because as you sit there and stroke to your wife fucking another man, you realize…you are quickly becoming a cuckold~

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