Ms Alexandria asks "Is Cuckolding The Ultimate Tease?"Just Another Weapon In The Cocktease Arsenal

In my – not humble at all – opinion, cuckolding is the ultimate expression of the true cocktease. For me, I get to engage in two of my favorite pastimes – cockteasing and hot, thick, throbbing cock.  To begin with, I get to tease two (at least!) hot, horny guys – my cuck and the stud I’ve targeted.  Think I don’t cocktease my Bulls?  Of course I do, sweetie.  It’s just that for them, the teasing stops at some point.

Cucks Are Teased

…forever!  Think about what the essence of the cocktease is.  You’re allowed to think about, to see, to hear, maybe even smell, what you will never be able to taste, to touch, or to have.  The point is to make you think that someday, you might actually get to sink that small, pathetic wiener  inside of me.  That one day, I might actually deign to stroke it.  Meanwhile, you get to watch a real man have what you can’t.  Me.

Bulls Have All The Fun

Oh, and so does Ms. Alexandria.  You know I love sex – just not with you – and cock – just not yours. When I tie you to a chair in the corner of the room, walk over to my lover, drop to my knees and swallow his huge rod, don’t you wish it were you?  When he throws me down on the bed, and rams his cock deep inside me, don’t you wish I was screaming for you?  Then again, I wonder…maybe you wish you were me?  Swallowing his load and being fucked in your ass pussy.  Who is doing the cockteasing here – me, or my Bull?

It’s Masturbation May Strokers…….Get Your Stroke ON!

Much Love,

Mistress Alexandria

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