Every cuckold has to face that sometimes the frustration of being put on the back burner in favor of a much more manly lover will become overwhelming and incredibly hard to deal with. It’s just a fact of life for a cuckold, and allowing all that frustration to build up and spill out will just ruin what remains of their relationship. One of the best ways for a cuckold to deal with their endless side-lining and sexual frustration is through the high of submission to a dominant woman. If his partner isn’t quite dominant to really put him in his place, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask a distance domination femdom to handle the discipline and submission aspects. The cure for cuckold frustration is sensual domination.

Have you ever felt frustrated with the cuckold lifestyle?

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Cuckold Mistress Harper 800 356 6169

If you’ve experienced frustration in the cuckold lifestyle that’s probably because you’re the beta male cuck in the scenario. Poor lesser males like yourself really do get the short end of the stick in the cuckold lifestyle, because you’re often relegated to a sad sexless existence while your wife or girlfriend gets to go out and have wild and fulfilling sex. A lot of very orgasmic, deeply satisfying sex! And her lover, naturally, wouldn’t experience any sort of frustration, sexual or otherwise, because he gets to fuck your wife. But you, left alone at home on a Friday night, you’re probably frustrated to hell, aren’t you? There are a couple of different strategies to take to fix your deep frustration, but the one I’m most interested in right now is just to have you sexually dominated by a strong woman who can take your desires and transform them into contentment and fulfillment through sensual domination.

Sensual domination can help with the frustrated cuckold.

The key to dealing with frustration is to either meet the unmet need head on, or to redirect the desire into something else. Since for the cuckold, the unmet need is sexual intimacy with their wife or girlfriend, that’s tricky. No woman wants to downgrade from excellent sex with a lover who has a huge cock and enough stamina to last for hours. While sure, in a good relationship everyone makes sacrifices, do you really want a pity fuck from your wife because you’re horny and jealous? Knowing all the while that she’s not going to enjoy the two minutes of sweaty humping you’re about to subject her to? Yeah, I didn’t think you’d want that. That’s why redirecting your urges and desires is the better option!

Sensual domination at the hands of a skilled dominatrix or femdom can provide you with relief from your frustration while reinforcing on multiple levels all the reasons why you’re a cuckold in the first place. Domination like this can take many forms, from a good tease and denial session culminating in a ruined orgasm, chastity training, and even erotic discipline and spanking! What matters is that the originating desire, the need to have sex, is re-routed into another outlet and given form and expression. A skilled and experienced Mistress can provide you with the instruction and guidance needed when your sexual frustration is becoming a problem. Don’t let your frustration get between your wife and a good lover! Seek help from a femdom and deal with your needs head on.

Of the various forms of domination, sensual domination is the easiest for newcomers to enjoy.

Sensual domination is like the kinder, gentler version of domination games. While strict chastity, edging games, and even discipline can be a lot of fun and provide intense relief from frustrated cuckold issues, sensual domination can help ease you into the world of dominance and submission. Think of sensual games as being generally more erotic, softer, and heavier on the cock teasing. There’s always room to escalate to strict domination if the sensual games prove to be inadequate. When you’re ready to give it a try, call any of the Mistresses and admit that your frustration is in need of curbing through domination.


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