I’m now going to take your cuckold training to the next level.

You’re not even exactly sure what has started happening in our relationship, are you? But, I know!

I am slowly training you to be My cuckold. Why? Because I can! And, frankly, you’re not much use to Me the way you are …. ~pointing down~ …. ~laughs~ … you know what I mean! You’ve got a small penis. I’m not happy with your little dick. So, I’m taking matter into My own hands, so to speak.

First there have been the hints. Oh I was sweet at first, telling you that size doesn’t matter. Did you know that I was laughing inside when I saw the small size of your penis? I know that I told you something like, “Don’t worry honey, I can make the sex totally satisfying to me.” It was at that moment that I decided we would live a cuckold lifestyle.

I have been subtlety training you to be My cuckold ever since that discovery! And the training has been very deliberate. I know where I’m going with this cock tease and denial game and you will be tricked into doing exactly what I want.

First, I didn’t let you cum until we were talking about My old boyfriends, the ones with very large cocks. Then, as I talked about that large throbbing cock I would stroke you until you had the best orgasm ever! Talk about reward training!

NONE of My conversations with you are casual. I’m going through a very specific training program. I’m making sure that you experience punishment and rewards based on your movement through the training program. Right now, you have begun to associate your orgasm with My talk of large cocks and how much I enjoy a real man in My pussy.

Now, we’re going to go to the next level ….and I’m going to let you hear the next installment …. of your cuckold training program.

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