I have to tell you cuck, sometimes you are really pathetic. What’s the story again? Oh yes, your  wife stopped having sex with you completely! Poor you were so confused as to why this happened (Were you really? I mean she never was happy!) but she had found herself a sexy, new boyfriend, hung big and thick, and still you wonder what made her look.

Oh then your sad, sad story continues. She stopped showing any interest in you sexually didn’t she? She told her friends all about how bad you were in bed, and they absolutely joined forces to take her out of the house and keep her out late having fun, flirting with other sexy men. They know her sexual appetite is strong. Too bad you didn’t!

Finally, she found the right one! He just stood out to her, sexy and strong, and capable of giving her everything she wanted in bed. She told you all about it just as she had been telling you all about it every night when she came home from the clubs. She bragged about it, in fact! Then came the ultimatum. If you wanted to stay married to her, you would just have to deal with her fucking another man.

And there was more. You were going to have to serve her and him too sexually! You would fluff them, and that meant sucking his cock. You also had to clean them, yes that meant eating his cum, and watching them while you were denied.

Strangely enough this excites you a bit too, doesn’t it? You always knew that you were not enough man to satisfy your wife (can you still really call her that?) so you kind of expected this to happen at some point somewhere in the back of your mind. Poor cuck. I wonder what is in store for you next! Click and find out. Good luck you sexually stunted cuckie!

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