Cuckold Bootcamp if one of my favorite places, as many of you know. Instructing you cuckolds on how to be your very best is something I not only enjoy, but also feel is one of my callings. See, I’m not just a bitchy princess who enjoys laughing at you, I really care.  And this time we need to talk about being a good cuckold without needing to be dressed up. Not every cuckie gets all dolled up. Some of you are even easier to humiliate. Today we learn about humiliating yourself. As you may or may not know, I think you owe your mistress/wife/girlfriend to come up with some things yourself. But I’m going to give you an assignment today anyway.
Next time your wife or girlfriend is out picking up a new man to satisfy her like you can’t, I want you to wait by the door. Not when you hear them pull in, but while she is gone. You will wait until she leaves and then stand in front of a mirror and do a slow strip tease, reminding yourself how less of a man you are. Once naked, get her dildo and go to the front door. Kneel in front of it and put the dildo in your mouth. You may NOT touch yourself. You will, however, suck the dildo in and out. Moan a little, feel it in your mouth, the size of a real cock. Then look down at yourself and know even this dildo is more of a man than you.
The really fun part of this is you will be there waiting when she gets home. At the very least it will amuse her to see you waiting there with your little hard on. At best the man with her will also get a good laugh out of it and, of course, you will be reminded of your place once again, as you watch him satisfy your woman.


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