mslilahDarling, guess who I ran into last week?  Your X, and she was just too happy to tell me everything about you.  I was very shocked to learn that you had encouraged her to look for pleasure elsewhere when you realized you were not able to satisfy her.  I just sat there when she told me about how you had tried over and over to get her to reach an orgasm and failed every time you tried using your penis.  She even giggled when she told me the nick name she used for it, “mini meat”.  She said it was more like a snack than a full course meal as she was always hungry for more after then two of you had sex.  She also said she finally took you up on your offer about  finding a real man to satisfy her and how wonderful sex was after that.  She was very open about how you would run her bath, surprise her with sexy under garments for her dates and how you would wait up to hear about them. She even said how hot and excited it would make you and how you would just beg to dive into her pussy and clean it all up for her, she also said this was the only way you could ever make her cum.

Now darling, just imagine my surprise when I heard the same thing we are doing come out of her mouth.  I realized that you have known for some time that you could not satisfy a women with your tiny little “mini meat”, you told me you never had problems with anyone else but me, making it seem as if you were a stud with all our other relations and that something was different with me when in fact it has been the same.  Now I wont feel bad when I tell you that I have been seeing someone else to take care of my needs, someone that has a huge 9″ cock and that just the site of him excites me, not to mention that I have never had an orgasm as strong as the ones he has given me.  I was trying to spare you hard feelings but forget it, from now on I am going to sleep with whom I want, when I want and how often I want.  You now will be my little clean up boy, your X said you would cum just by cleaning her so darling, would you like to cum now?  You see, I have been getting fucked all afternoon by my friend and I have a dirty, sticky, stinky pussy for you to just bury your face into.  Hmmmm we will see if you do a good job and if I allow you to cum this time.  Just click below to find out my decision, mini meat! ~giggle~


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