Cuckold Cockscucker Training with Ms. Cassidy

Okay cuckies, this is Empress Cassidy and you are at Cuckold Boot Camp for cuckold cocksucker training! So stop your whining and suck it up (or down *giggle*); it’s now time to pull on your panties and cover up that little cock that you can’t satisfy your wife with, and deal.

Today’s assignment for you is going to get you ready to start being of use to your wife, who you can’t please sexually. And no, it isn’t going to be about you doing an amazing job servicing her orally.  You are going to need a few things to complete this assignment so take note.

Cuckold Cocksucker Training

First of all, if you don’t have your own pair of silky pink girly panties, go buy a pair, and get a bra to match. And remember you will need these in your size, so don’t hesitate to ask a sales girl for help if you need it. Now, you’ll also need a dildo. No, not one of those tiny three inch vibrators, I mean an actual cock sized dildo. The size of a real man’s cock, not yours.  Make sure it looks like a real cock, not like a rocket ship. I want one with a head and veins and everything, preferably a set of balls to slap against your chin as well.

Practice Sucking that Cock

Once you are dressed up and have the dildo, it’s time to practice. Because you see, you may need to be the fluffer, getting the man about to have sex with your wife hard and ready. That means you need to practice. We can’t have you messing that up too, now can we? So, here is what you are to do.  Twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, for 20 minutes at least each time, you are to practice your cocksucking and blowjob skills.  You must lick and suck the dildo, as well as sliding it in and out of your mouth in a fucking motion at least ten good fast hard thrusts.

You do this twice a day for a week and then you let me know how you are doing and I’ll tell you more about just what all this practice is leading up to…*giggle* Talk to you soon, cuckie.

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