Ms. Madison on How to be a Good Cuckold

This post is about how to be a good cuckold bitch for me, and if you find yourself here reading this post, it's because you already know you can't satisfy me or any woman. So read, take notes, or whatever you need to do. Just follow along and be a good boy. I love...

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Being a cuckold: Fantasy vs Reality

When you think about being a cuckold, is it a fantasy or desire that you really want to happen? If you are currently being cuckolded good for you and I want to hear all your sexy stories. Popular cuckold fantasies I love the cuckold fantasy because there are so many...

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How to Stay Relevant

You've settled into a nice cuckolding groove, haven't you? Your wife finally believes that nothing turns you on more than the thought (or reality) of her fucking other men. She's discarded the moral and misogynistic judgements imposed by society or her upbringing that...

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Important Note about Gifts for Mistresses

Effective Immediately, gifts sent to the LDW address will no longer be forwarded to the intended recipient.  Instead, they will be returned at the sender's expense. We know you like to shower your Mistress with gifts and you can still do that. Check with your Mistress...

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