Some cuckolds are the sort of person that can delude themselves into thinking they could be an alpha male. For those poor pathetic losers, nothing helps bring them back down to reality faster than a nice little group CFNM party. That’s right, if you think you could be a real man, capable of satisfying a woman’s needs and desires, let’s put your dick to the test! Strip down for an entire roomful of dominant women, right alongside all our submissive little husbands and boyfriends, and put your dick up for comparison with the studs we allow to fuck us. Let’s measure your cock in real time, side by side with both other tiny pricks and the massive cocks our lovers have to offer us. Do you really think you’ll come out on top in a contest like this?

Are you ready for a group CFNM experience?

Mistress Harper invites you to a group CFNM party! 800 601 7259Oh come now, surely a real manly man like yourself has nothing to fear or be ashamed of, right? You strip down in locker rooms all the time, and therefore know that your prick is top of the pickings! Any woman would pick your dick out of a line up and choose to ride that cock until she orgasms repeatedly, clenching down on your penis and milking it of everything it has to offer. Right?! So you don’t have any sort of mild trepidation around the idea of attending a party with all my girlfriends, their boyfriends, and our stud lovers. Clearly. Not a worry in your mind at all, that’s why you’re trembling at the thought of taking it all off in front of us and showing off your pride and joy between your legs. Go on, strip for us, it’s a party! Let’s play ‘Who Has The Biggest Dick’, winner takes the ladies to bed, loser sucks a cock.

Can you really accurately judge where you’ll rank in a dick size contest?

I’m sure you already know that the average penis size is five and a half inches in length. And you know that you’re, probably around that size, right? Maybe you don’t recognize how our minds play tricks on us, and what we see can get exaggerated so that some things that are important to us seem bigger. And your dick is certainly important to you, isn’t it? Have you ever flat out lied and told a woman that you’ve got a seven inch cock? Just went ahead and added an entire statistical deviation to your length, like a pathetic loser that has to lie to get a woman to go to bed to him. Did she ghost you afterward, tell you it ‘just wasn’t working out’, that it was her, not you, honest, when she gently declined your offer of a second date? That’d be because your dick was not impressive enough to get her to agree to continue dating you. And, since you lied about it, now she thinks you’re an untrustworthy little wanker who would waste her time and not even give her a nice orgasm to make up for it.

A public dick measuring is exactly what you need to help keep that overweening ego in check.

Mistress Harper Loves a Strap On Cock Tease 800 601 7259Time for a reality check, little loser. Drop those pants and let us see what you’re really working with. Line up with the others, and when we reshuffle you, just know that we’re ordering you by dick size. Hands behind your back, don’t hide your crowning glory from us! Shoulders back, spine straight, and why not go on ahead and jut those hips forward for us. All in a row, all these truly uninspiring pathetic men, and there you are, at the end of the line. Shortest of them all! Don’t believe us? Just look. Look at how much larger they are than you are. Seven inches? Only if you mistook centimeters for inches.

When Andre steps up beside you, and holds his massive cock side by side with your pathetic wiener, you’ll finally realize the absolute truth. You have a tiny dick, and this is why you should give in and just be the cuckold you were clearly meant to be. In fact, you can be the cuckold cocksucking limp dick simp of your porno inspired dreams! Just let the inevitable take you over, and drop to your knees and suck that cock like the cuckold you are. Remember that the winner of this group CFNM party game gets to fuck me, while the loser (that’s you) gets to suck cock. Get him nice and hard for me, and if you do a good enough job, maybe I’ll let you watch what a real cock can do for a woman.

Set aside your delusions of manhood, cuckold.

All it took was one party where you showed off your penis to be permanently reduced to your real place in life. One group CFNM game and here you are, kneeling like a worthless worm and crying. You shouldn’t have tried to lie about your dick size in the first place, but maybe now you’ll learn to be honest about important things like that. You belong on your knees, cuckold, begging and crying, and utterly pussy free for life.

Show me your dick, so I know if you’re worth my time!

Your group CFNM party game Mistress, Harper

Fetish Mistress Harper 800 356 6169

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