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Not that I don’t wish you all the best with this conversation, but . . .

You love the cuckold lifestyle, or at least have accepted that you are destined to be a cuckold husband. Should it remain a private matter? A part of your sex life that’s between the two of you (and various cuckold bulls)? Or should you share the joy you (or at least your wife) have found with friends and relations?

You may think there’s no need to consider these questions, but more than once, I’ve had a confessional phone sex session in which a cuckold has asked Me these very things, or something like it.

I understand, however, that there are questions that may come to mind in response to the ones I pose, like, “why should you tell?”

I intend to lay out, in this post, My opinions with regard to the answers to all those questions. In short, I’m going to give My opinion on the following:

  • SHOULD you tell friends and loved ones that your wife has sex with other men?
  • WHY would you share the existence of your cuckold lifestyle?
  • WHO should you tell, and who should you not?
  • HOW should you tell them?

By the end of this post and audio, I expect that you’ll have at least some food for thought, but perhaps even a sense of security regarding whatever conclusion you come to.

Let’s dive in like a cuckold bull into your slutwife‘s vagina, shall W/e?


Should you tell friends about your cuckold lifestyle?


As with most things, it depends.

The first criteria, which is non-negotiable, is that all parties involved in your cuckold dynamic are in agreement with regard  to the level of discretion your particular arrangement requires.

This is less important if your wife doesn’t have a steady boyfriend or boyfriends, and likes to big cock-hop with semi-randoms. It’s My view that randoms don’t need to be consulted, because their identity is unlikely to be disclosed.

Conversely, if your wife has a steady boyfriend, one who is likely to be around for a while, that’s a hashmark in the pro “tell them” column.

Let’s face it, if it’s not unlikely that some friend or loved one might see your wife and her lover walking around the city together with his hand on her ass or exchanging a kiss, maybe you’d want to save them the anguish of having to decide between minding their own business or summoning the courage to come to you and say, “I think your wife is cheating on you.”

Or worse, if their protective instincts toward you might cause them to make an awkward scene in public because of what they don’t know. Wouldn’t that be a mess!

Furthermore, if the cuckold bull will be living with you, or is likely to be around at gatherings, someone is inevitably going to ask, “who is that?”

Especially if he and your wife tend to slip up with PDA’s and the exchanging of “significant” looks. *wink*

It’s best to decide ahead of time how you’re going to answer, if not head the question off at the pass by telling people in advance.


Another consideration for “should you”


How close are the two of you? You and the friend or loved one, I mean. Are you accustomed to sharing the intimate details of your lives?

If you already talk about your sex life with friends, I might not call that a “should”, but a “could”. You could get away with tellingGoddess Rachel wants to encourage you in your cuckold lifestyle! 1-800-356-6169 them. And depending on their own sexual tastes or kink bandwidth, perhaps the worst that could happen would be that they’d shrug and say, “well, it’s not OUR thing, but, whatever floats your boat!”

Heck, maybe it’ll be exactly the opposite. They’ll be intrigued by the cuckold lifestyle, and interested in learning more.

Perhaps your little disclosure will inspire them to explore it themselves.

I mean, you could be helping them out with an answer to relationship problems you weren’t aware they were having.

Maybe their sex life hasn’t been the greatest. After all, it’s not unusual for women to be dissatisfied with what’s on offer in their marriage bed, and for men to be everything but oblivious to delusional as to why. This might open the conversation around cuckolding as a solution to a sexless marriage.

Furthermore, W/e all know that men in general are horny sluts who often aren’t very careful of what they wish for. And W/e can’t discount the number of men in whom the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Among those are more than a few who would be more than happy to outsource the dicking they can no longer give, if only they knew there was the option!

Of course, there’s always the chance for an explicitly negative reaction.


But what about who you shouldn’t tell?


You should ask yourself, no matter who you tell, whether you’re okay with whatever reaction you get. If it’s healthier for you to live a transparent cuckold lifestyle and perhaps suffer the degradation of the opinion your friends have had of you thus far, than to pretend otherwise, then by all means, be transparent.

But if you’ll regret it, then, don’t share.

Keep in mind My mantra: safe, sane, and consensual. Keep in mind basic kink etiquette in general. Don’t involve people who can’t consent to being part of your cuckold lifestyle (and yes, just telling them about it is involving them), or that you know wouldn’t.

Another way to put it is, don’t tell people you have no reason to tell, or who you know (and don’t try to kid Me, you KNOW, or at least have a good idea) wouldn’t want to hear about it.

Don’t tell people just for your own titillation, regardless of how you know they would think or feel about it. There’s sharing your sexuality, and there’s inflicting it on people because possible negative reactions leave you feeling humiliated and excited.

And hey, I feel like it should go without saying, but don’t do it at all if you don’t care to. This is all predicated on the idea that you have ethical reasons that it might be a good idea, or at least you won’t do any harm if you do.

That leaves how to tell friends and loved ones.

I’ll cover that in the audio below!


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Goddess Rachel, Cuckold Lifestyle Advisor