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A world ruled by women, such as a cuckolding gynarchy – works for the same reason female led relationships work. Any man who wishes to submit to a woman and have her take the lead, is ensuring that the woman’s happiness is a priority. In that same way, cuckolding gynarchy combines a Femdom relationship, with cuckolding, ensuring that women’s pleasure is priority.

Cuckolding Gynarchy – A Women Ruled World Where Men Are Toys

So what exactly is the combination of cuckolding and a gynarchy? If you think about it, in most men’s cuckold fantasies, the woman is a pawn in his pleasure. He gets off being cuckolded by a woman who – in his mind – doesn’t really have any say in what’s happening. She’s fucking another man because her tiny dick loser husband is inadequate in every way that really matters, and this is the only way he can get off.

This is usually the most popular of many varying cuckold fantasies (in some cases they are not necessarily tiny dicked, just limp wristed, spineless men), however it is not limited to this alone. The difference in real cuckolding vs. fantasy cuckold phone sex roleplays, is that in most cuckold lifestyle relationships, it’s the woman who decides who, where, and when she is going to fuck someone else, not the man. And the woman is in charge of the cuckold. And in some cases, it’s not a man your wife or girlfriend decides to fuck, as was the case in the chronicles of cuckolding.

Ladies Choice In Cuckolding Gynarchy

In a cuckolding gynarchy, not only does the woman decide who she sleeps with regardless of her lovers’ gender, she also calls the shots in every area of her and her partners world. You guys have heard of Womania empire yes? A female led country where men go to be servants. There is actually a real life place called Other World Kingdom, a country that is matriarchy ruled, and if you’re a man, you can go there to worship and submit to Dominant women.

In our society, though, the realistic version of this, looks a lot less like cuckold porn, and more like the woman handling the finances; making decisions that affect the household; the man either sharing in or doing ALL the chore entirely; and of course, a relationship that is open ended on the woman’s end, where she picks and chooses her lovers, including lesbian cuckolding. This also means in most cases the cuckold husband will not be allowed to “watch” his wife getting fucked let alone participate. So does this mean the cuckold is in a sexless marriage?

Some Cuckolds Do Still Have Sex With Their Partners

I am a Mistress who enjoys having actual sex with someone who has an actual big cock. I’m a size queen admittedly, and I have been fortunate that except for a small few – pun intended – most of my boy toys have been big dicked hotties! I’m also fortunate that I am dating a man with a big dick who’s bisexual and likes being cuckolded by me. I’m also an oral sex Mistress who enjoys blow job teasing. That means if I feel like sucking dick I will, and nobody is going to tell me what to do in the bedroom. So yes me and my partner fuck and as often as we want, and I also fuck whoever I want to, as often as I want to. Maybe not so much in the past two years or so, for obvious reasons.

I have NO interest in marriage. Nor do I have any interest in being in a relationship with someone who A. Doesn’t have a dick. B. Has a small penis. Because those things are outside of what I find appealing or attractive, to myself. If you’re sitting here sulking because I just popped the bubble that your fantasy lives in, never fear! I do still love bending sissies over and fucking men with my golden lady cock, because I enjoy doing that too. Just refrain from getting your hopes up that I will ever see you as marriage (gags audibly), or boyfriend material. WOMP WOMP!

Being A Submissive Male In A Cuckold Gynarchy Scenario

I have mentioned before, that my preference is men with big dicks, both on my Enchantrix Tease blog and my Mistress of the Month blog from May of 2020, so if you’ve been following and calling me for a while, none of this should be a surprise to you. I also enjoy cuckqueaning!  Being a true submissive male in a Femdom led cuckolding gynarchy, means that your scenario may greatly differ from what you see happening in porn.

Depending on the woman wearing the proverbial pants, she may have you servicing her solely, servicing others, getting fucked by her strapon, or she might just put you in chastity and place you in a very much sexless marriage as part of your cuckold relationship. The gynarchy also means your orgasms will be controlled or denied altogether, while she gets to do whatever she wants. Sounds like a dream if you’re a chastity submissive, but if you’re not, some of the hardcore cuckold fantasies can end up being your worst nightmare.

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Finding A Cuckoldress That Suits Your Interest

If you are the type of man (or woman, or transgender) who enjoys a world where women rule and where you are the cuckolded or cuckqueaned, communication and finding the right Cuckoldress are key to everyone being happy. So are boundaries!

You cannot just stroll in blind and ask a woman to cuckold you because you have cuckold fantasies, because for one, not every woman wants to be in a female led relationship – that might be a nightmare for her – and two not every woman is dominant – also why it might be a nightmare, for her. So first you have to consider whether or not the woman you’re dating or married to, is Dominant. And also if she is not dominant, if she would be interested in serving another woman along with you, or sleeping with other men and cuckolding you as a submissive hot wife.

Other Factors To Consider When Entering Into Cuckoldry

Consent, consent, consent… fuckers. If you want to do a cuckold fantasies roleplay, that’s something you can do with me! If you want to be cuckolded in real life, this requires planning and the interest and consent of your partner. Demanding that your wife cuckold you is… probably not going to go very well. Exposing your wife to your BBC cuckolding fantasy, where you become a cum drunk member of sissies for BBC, might also turn her off, from you and your marriage.

So What Type Of Cuckold Are You?

Are you a more traditional cuckold who gets off knowing your wife is having sex with other men when she goes out for ladies night? Or do you enjoy more sadistic cuckold fantasies where cuckolding gynarchy can end up being a reality for you, or even worse? So that’s your assignment, to answer what type of cuckold you are, and also find out more about yourself in the process. And if the answer ends up being, that this is just a fantasy for you, and that you would never do this in real life, then I’d urge you to call me!

Cuckold Fantasies And Cuckolding Gynarchy With Mistress Brighton

If cuckold phone sex turns you on, and you want to explore that hot wife fantasy, or roleplay a world where women control your cock, your orgasms, and your cuckold life, call me! Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. I hope we get to explore your cuckold phone sex fantasies together!


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