What are Cuckold Etiquette Protocols You ask?


Cuckold Etiquette Protocols: What They Are, Why You Need Them, And The Importance of Enlisting a Cuckold Specialist

Ms. Alina discusses cuckold etiquette protocolsYou might be surprised how vital they are, no matter where you find yourself on the Cuckold Spectrum. Please read on – This post is for YOU! Let me show you the crucial part of implementing Cuckold Etiquette Protocols when you enter into the Cuckold Lifestyle. 

Hello There Cuckolds, New and Veterans, Cuckold Hopefuls and the Cuck Curious. Have you ever wondered about Cuckold Etiquette and Rules Of Engagement, Protocols and conduct that are crucial for the success of The Cuckold Lifestyle? 

Even if you haven’t realized the potentially hazardous waters of this complex and fascinating lifestyle, Cuckold Etiquette Protocols are VITAL and Highly beneficial to maintain your smooth sailing through the ocean of your Cuckolding Lifestyle Adventure!

In Order to prevent grave errors and missteps that often occur and ruin your cuckold journey from the get go, Enlisting a Cuckold Specialist like myself, will make sure you get it right, from the start. It’s not uncommon to think that all you need is the right bull and your wife’s agreement to embark on this journey, because it’s a highly complex lifestyle with a legion of variables.

In this post, allow me to shed a light about Cuckold Etiquette Protocols, in order for you to fully understand why you always need a Cuckold Specialist before you embark on this lifestyle and help you gain more insight even if you’re an experienced cuckold.

Cuckold Etiquette Protocols: The Basics

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I’ve started my  own cuckold journey when I was engaged on one men, but fell under the sexual spell of another. So as someone who was a real life “hotwife” or hot fiance in my case, I gained and learned so much about what to do or not to do. 

Everything happened so fast, and my personal cuckolding story wasn’t embarked on with any planning, it just happened. I went through all the guilt and confusion, but I couldn’t stop seeing this new hot man that came into my life like a tornado. 
And he never left. 

If you want to hear MY personal story, I would love to tell you in detail, over a call or a sexy texting Skype session, which you can purchase here Sexy Texting With Ms Alina
My personal experience, taught me a LOT and as an active lifestyle Mistress, I’ve embarked on a very deep exploration of this amazing, intense, erotic and complex lifestyle. 

I work with a multitude of couples, and through my work and research realized that without guidelines and protocols, a descent into chaos is inevitable.

A Cuckold lifestyle ONLY works if there are boundaries, previously agreed upon measure and protocols, and the basics are easy to implement, which is the starting point of truly making your cuckold lifestyle a success. 

Cuckold Etiquette Protocols what is your role

All Cuckold Etiquette Protocols require that you first determine what KIND of cuckold are you, but it’s NEVER a set in stone category so it might not be as simple to decipher where you belong exactly. 

It’s actually one of the many challenges you will face, and why you need a Cuckold Lifestyle Specialist like myself to assist with that diagnosis, and help you fully understand, adapt and grow into that role properly, from the start and through it’s evolution, because as you go deeper into the Cuckold Lifestyle, a lot of things will be in constant motion.

I will assist you to re-evaluate your Cuckold Role as needed.But the main importance here, that as a cuckold, your most valued role is your duty to make your Hotwife/female partner Cuckold experience the BEST that you can make it, and facilitate this lifestyle in any way demanded and expected of you.

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Cuckold Etiquette Protocols: What is your wife’s role

Your wife isn’t just the hot sexy vixen who will now become the Sex Goddess, Size Queen and Intrepid Alpha Male Magnet you always knew was there, but could never quite catch up with. 

Your wife is, and always well be, at the very heart of your cuckold journey. She will propel all things, and she will have a lot of pull when determining her role, preferences and evolving needs. And what YOUR role or place will be, as well. 

Usually, in the majority of cuckold lifestyle couples, the hotwife or female partner of the cuckolded male, is leading the charge and is the Dominant partner in the relationship. It’s really up to her, and Her Bull, to decide how participatory you, her cuck, will be. 

In other words, The Hotwife/Female Partner decides whether you stay behind when she has her passionate, endless, powerful encounters with that hot Alpha Stud,, If you get to watch, and participate as a fluffier, a cleanup cuckold, or even submitting to the bull yourself.

Cuckold Etiquette Protocols: What is the Bull’s role
Cuckold Etiquette Protocols Alina 1-800-356-6196

The Bull’s role seems straight forward right? 
Ohhh not so fast mister.
See? THIS is why you need a Cuckold Specialist. 

You probably envisioned this hot stud, with a huge swollen cock, ever hard, ever ready, to pound away at your Hotwife whilst you watch and satisfy your lusty cuckold needs. You might even envisioned yourself having quite a constant access to that bull and all his gifts,  

Or maybe you are the chastity cuckold kind, who loves that delicious torture of watching what happens when a REAL man fucks your wife. 

Dear Cuckold, NOT all is as it seems, not by a LONG shot.

Whist any Bull worth his salt WILL do most of the above and more, you must be ready for every possible variable in this situation. The Bull protocol ESPECIALLY, MUST MUST MUST be discussed before anything else, because you truly have NO IDEA the power and consequences of a Big Cock hot stud intense, hardcore endless orgasms sex session will have on your wife. 

Women are generally very kind and understanding about an unimpressive cock size and the fragile male ego. She has married you, after all, and unless your marriage is more of an ownership/female led/ humiliation based from the start, chances are your wife has been faking her orgasms pretty much from day one.

Even  if she wasn’t faking all of them, the bottom line is this:
The very moment she has sex with a well endowed bull, that shows her what pleasures can be derived from all his Alpha Male capabilities, there is really no turning back.

I know from personal experience how addictive it is to meet someone that was my sexual dream partner, the one, that even me, as a Lifestyle and Dominate Goddess, became totally submissive to His Will and sexual power over me. 

I have NEVER experienced this before, and  if your wife is in the same situation, the Bull role may grow in power and demands, to a point that the Bull will be your key holder and even prohibit your wife to grant you any sexual flavors, unless the bull has permitted her to do so

Sure, in some cases, the bull is just an instrument for your hotwife cuckolding pleasures, there may be even several bulls.  But that is usually never the case, It wasn’t in my personal experience and this is why you should always keep in mind that predetermined cuckold protocols can make everything clearer in case the Bull becomes the Alpha male who also is in charge of your marriage.

Understand that EVEN if your wife is the Dominant party in your relationship or marriage SHE DOESN’T want to be this way with her bull. She needs to submit to him, let herself be the woman for a change, let herself be taken, conquered, even owned by that hot, strong, Alpha Man and his Monster Cock. 

 The Cuckold Specialist Role

Cuckold Etiquette Protocols Alina 1-800-356-6196

Hotwife Role plays Help You Prepare

Last But Not least what is MY role as YOUR cuckold specialist.
Simply put, I bring Balance, Clarity, Direction and tantalizing role play sessions that can TRULY gouge what KIND of cuckold you wish to be, how it will feel when I describe every minute detail of what the bull will do to  me, (or to us both) and what I, as your Hotwife expect from you.

  I can also be your teasing and dominating Mistress when your wife is away to play: you and I will have our session, so that you don’t feel so left out. We can have our own Cuckold rituals and play, I can feminize you, we can have humiliation play, and get you ready to serve your wife and her bull if needed. 

A Cuckold Etiquette Specialist can truly enhance and improve your kink lifestyle and even uncover all your hidden desires within, that you don’t dare tell your own hotwife. So let’s chat soon, and start our cuckolding adventures together.


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