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This post is about how to be a good cuckold bitch for me, and if you find yourself here reading this post, it’s because you already know you can’t satisfy me or any woman. So read, take notes, or whatever you need to do. Just follow along and be a good boy.

I love having an obedient cuck boy who makes me his priority and does anything to make sure I am happy and satisfied. This allows me to enjoy a bigger dick from a real man.

You need a purpose in our relationship and the things listed below will explain your purpose. If you do not agree to any of these terms, then this is not going to work out for me, or you. I will find another cuckold bitch who understands my needs and what is expected of him.


How to be a good Cuckold for me


  1.  You will make sure I am happy and satisfied. This includes me having any cock I want when I want, and you will love it! When I get that craving to have a nice thick juicy cock buried deep inside me. I will satisfy that craving until I am squirting with pleasure and my body is quivering from head to toe.
  2. You will watch me get ready for any night out. I maybe even put on that sexy outfit that drives you crazy, the one you beg me to put on because it shows off all my sensual curves. Just think when I go out dancing and find some random stud to bring home. You will get to watch him peel that outfit off of me and see how a real man satisfies a Goddess like me.
  3. You may be required to participate in these adventures. This includes getting naked, fluffing, and sometimes wearing my panties. These duties are subject to change at any time for my pleasure. Remember while you are sucking on that big fat dick, you are pleasing me by getting him nice and hard so he can fill me up nice and deep.
  4. After the adventure ends your cuckold duties are not finished yet. You will be required to clean up any mess/messes that may have occurred during that time. You know what I mean, that hot cream pie my stud just filled me up with. This will be the only time you get to lick my sweet spot, so you better enjoy it!


You know you can’t satisfy me sexually, but doing the items listed above is huge and very important. It will make our relationship a lot better for both of us.


Cuckold Privileges


  • Getting to come home with me/stay with me. The stud leaves, but you get the privilege of being here with me. Like sleeping in the same bed with me and giving me cuddles at night, when I let you.
  • Getting to cum. When we come home or when my stud leaves, I may let you jerk that little cock of yours to an orgasm. When you think about what you just heard and saw, it won’t take you long to make those squirties, but they must be recycled.


These are just a few of the cuckold privileges you should be very thankful for. You need to appreciate what I do for you. When you show that appreciation, I will be very happy and satisfied. After all your purpose in life is to keep me happy and satisfied.

Remember this is what YOU need and what I want. But let’s face it I will always get what I want! It’s all about me and for me. You just get to come along for a ride during my cuck adventures.

Masturbation Domination Goddess Madison


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