Hello, cuckolding fans. Exploring cuckolding a bit more in depth with this series on the erotic elements of cuckolding. Some of you may be very experienced with cuckolding. Are you a cuck? You also enjoy stopping by for the erotic musings about cuckolding from the various Enchantrix Mistresses. But others, perhaps a majority, are thinking about being cuckolded real time, or have hot fantasies which provide you with a lot of pleasure about cuckolding. Regardless of your involvement with cuckolding this blog and series is for everyone. Today Exploring Cuckolding introduction, my series will break down some of the erotic elements that so many find erotic about cuckolding.

Qualify as a Cuckold: Humiliation

Over at Intelligent Phone Fantasy I had a recent blog regarding qualifying as a cuckold. When thinking of what comprises a cuckolding scene, or lifestyle, certain elements are present. Humiliation being a a big part. Humiliation is the element which differentiates cuckolding from swinging or group sex. Your mind needs to be open to this, before you begin exploring cuckolding.

Exploring Cuckolding with Ms. Erika

Your Journey Begins Here

That doesn’t mean you won’t have difficulty processing your emotions, but must remain open and vulnerable to learn and grow as a cuck. Be willing to journey through the new stimulation, for her pleasure.

What Kind of Cuckold Humiliation

How much humiliation or the flavor of humiliation , well that depends on the person. I find the majority of folks into cuckolding start with their cuckolding fantasies or activities, with more of a sensual nature. Some mild verbal humiliation, with the images of your lady having pleasure without you. Slow burn kind of humiliation. Some, couples are happy just like that. Others, as their journey continues find the humiliation bumps up more and more. Many times the cuckold needs more humiliation over time, to find themselves in that cuckold subspace.

Are You Aroused

Does your penis shift into overdrive at the thought of your sexy lady getting great sex from another? Then you must explore cuckolding. Trust me there are plenty of men out there if they thought of similar fantasies, they would NOT BE SEXUALLY aroused. Period. Even all the Mistresses in all of Enchantrix couldn’t get their wee willy wanker to ride that cuckolding wave.

This is part of what makes you a cuckold. Maybe your cuckold journey stays fantasy, maybe they don’t. But you’ll never know unless you begin exploring. Have questions or curious about cuckolding? Want to confess your cuckolding thoughts? I’m just a phone call away, I’d love to chat!

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