Are you a regular here at cuckold boot camp? You have fantasies and ideas about being a cuckold, but want or need guidance. I have a solution for you.

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I know you have fantasies and ideas about being a cuckold. The idea of your girlfriend or wife being pleasured by another gets you out of your mind crazy horny? Are you prepared to take those fantasies and make them a reality? Ready to face your life and to perform the duties of a cuckold!? Cuckold boot camp can make sure you are prepared.

Cuckold Training: Boundaries

Have you thought about what kind of cuckold you envision yourself to be? What your boundaries are as a cuckold? Just like anything else there are soft and hard boundaries. Before you get into this further, we will talk about what you feel are your boundaries. Not all cuckolds are made to be a fluffer. Not at all. Why some cuckolds are not even a part of the sexual activities between their wife and her bull. You just get to sit at home, or call me to discuss what possibly she might be doing on her date! But , don’t be surprised as you go through your cuckolding journey that you wish to amend and change those boundaries. Negotiation is always on the table!

Cuckold Training: Cock Sucking

Where are you on this subject? Interested? No? Are you one who is now thinking of moving that “line in the sand”? We’ll test you and go over the basics. Perhaps even have you practice with Mistress! You might think cock sucking just comes naturally but cuckold you are representing your wife, here. You cannot afford to be anything less than spectacular. So if hours training on Mistress Erika’s girl cock is needed to ensure our complete pleasure, then so be it!

Cuckold Training: Humiliation

I receive calls from those who have these ideas about their wife bedding another man but insist they are not into humiliation. Let’s get one thing straight: If you are talking about a cuckolding relationship there’s going to be at least a BIT of humiliation involved. Otherwise we call that a threesome! Where everyone’s gleefully sharing naughty bits and banging them together for everyone’s pleasure! Right? Right!

No pet, the mere terminology being used : cuckold , cuckolding indicates there is going to be humiliation.

Cuckolding Challenges

One of the biggest challenges about being a cuckold is handling your emotions. Emotions including sadness, humiliation, and even jealousy . Oh yea, even though your penis rises to the occasion at the thought of another railing your girl, cuckold jealousy is a thing! It’s normal to have those emotions the question is what you are going to do with them.

You are going to have process all of this and more, on some level. But how much and how sensual or strict the humiliation, is the question. Where is your outlet? Unsure of what I’m talking about? Just another reason to start YOUR boot camp today! There is a lot more to training you for your new life as a cuck, these are just some of those lessons.

Until we chat,
Mistress Erika
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