There are so many decisions when you are considering the cuckold relationship with your Hot Wife.

  • Will you go away while she is on dates with her Bull?
  • Will you stay home, but outside of the room?
  • Will you fluff the Bull?
  • Will you clean up your Hot Wife?

One that doesn’t come up often is: If you are invited into the Hot Wife and Bull’s session, where should you sit?

I have a couple of favorites… let’s see if they are yours!

On a Chair

I find it incredibly amusing to sit the cuckie in a chair, across the room… even tying him into it. Even funnier is blindfolding him so he cannot see anything, but can hear everything. And, of course, there would be a cock cage on that useless dick of his, just in case he gets out of the rope bondage. No touching allowed!

Imagine if that was you? You can hear your Hot Wife gulping his dick as she kneels right there at your knees. Maybe you feel her nudging against you. Does she suck your teeny dicklette? HA! I am sure not since the first time she saw it and laughed. But listen to the pleasure the Bull is getting?

And when they move to the bed, you hear every thrust, every moan, every orgasm your Hot Wife has… sounds she never made with you! HAHA! You poor thing. (Not really.)

Yes, tied to a chair and blindfolded is yummy as fuck.

On the Bed

But what if you were allowed on the bed, perhaps after a year of being a good boy and you are being rewarded. How much fun would it be to have you lying on the bed, on her side, of course… with that ever-present chastity cage on… as your Hot Wife and her well-endowed Bull fuck on your side of the bed, maybe even making a large wet cum spot that you will have to sleep in tonight. I know I would laugh at you.

Can you smell your Hot Wife? Do you see his giant cock sliding in and out of your wife’s pussy? Hear the sloshing? Do the sounds of her orgasm resonate through your body and shoot arrows of pleasure into your heart and spirit?

Tell Me About it All

I would love to hear about your Cuckold experiences and where you sat as your partner and her boyfriend humiliated you with their pleasure. Won’t you call?


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