Prepare Your Ass Sissy Cuckold Husband

If not now, then when? When will you finally be ready to be a sissy cuckold husband? I have always liked to think there is no time like the present…so, what are you waiting for?

Your duty at this important crossroads in your life is to buy a strap-on dildo at the local sex toy store and practice loosening up the old balloon knot as today is the first day of a new world order…an order where you will obey the rules I lay out and follow them without fail or question.

Obviously, you have lost all control after being caught on your knees pleasuring another man’s cock and getting your puckered pussy fucked.

Ms. Cindy helps the sissy cuckold husband prepare their ass!

Knowing that shocking act has been recorded should be enough incentive for you to obey me lest it goes viral. Prepare, for your ass pussy requires more hammering with the strap-on. Moaning at the pains and pleasures is what you do best and what my ears long to listen to.

Since you like getting a cock up your ass every now and then, I am sure you have no objection to me feminizing you and putting you in a cute little dress that will show off your sexy curves. You see, you are my bitch and I own you. So do as you’re told and we will get along just splendidly.


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