Ms. EmmaJane has some tips for the aspiring cuckold fluffer.Time to Get Involved

You’ve decided that you want and need to be a very “proactive” cuckold – and by “proactive” I mean you want to do whatever you can to help prep the cock (or cocks!) that will be enthusiastically fucking your wife (although the cuckoldress could be your girlfriend), making her cum over and over again and beg for more.

How is it that you can get those eager cocks super hard? That’s easy! You become a cuckold fluffer.

Do’s and Dont’s for the Prospective Cuckold Fluffer

Don’t Wait for an Invitation

Don’t assume you have to wait to be asked; eagerly volunteer to put your mouth to use in the best way possible!

Be clear that you are thinking of your wife (or girlfriend) and her stud first and foremost, and you are not throwing your hat in the ring to be a fluffer for your own welfare or benefit. Stress the fact that you are dedicated to contributing all you can to ensure that the woman you love has THE most satisfying sexual experiences possible, even if that means you must suffer the shame, embarrassment, and cuckold humiliation of being on your knees in front of an alpha male, salivating all over the cock that will momentarily be inside your wife (or girlfriend’s) pussy.

Oh… What you’re willing to do in the name of love!

Don’t Make Assumptions

Realize that readily offering to subject yourself to the cuckold humiliation of being a fluffer does not mean that your wife will jump right on the bandwagon and order you to your knees immediately.

While she may well appreciate your zeal, she might want to discuss this possibility with the man (or men) who is keeping her satisfied. After all, he is the one who will be the recipient of your cuckold cock-sucking talents.

Do Mind Your Manners

If you ultimately get the green light to play the role of fluffer, keep in mind that -despite your stepping up to the plate and extending an invitation to service the cock(s) that will fuck her into orgasmic bliss- your first and foremost duty is to defer all decisions to your partner and her boyfriend, fuck buddy, bull, and/or “date” of the moment.

While you may be the one who takes care of your hot wife financially and to whom she comes home, you’re nonetheless still the cuckold – and at the bottom of the pecking order. That means you’re always to mind your p’s and q’s and leave the ultimate decision making to the star couple.

Do Know the Rules

If your wife or girlfriend has certain preferences for when, where or how your services as fluffer will be needed, it’s your responsibility to know those specifics at all times and to plan and behave accordingly. A good cuckold plays by the rules.

The same thing goes for the man whose cock you will be sucking. If he has certain “rules” as to how he wants you to lick or suck his cock in a particular way, prefers that you nuzzle or nibble his swollen balls just so or has any other requirements, it is your duty to pay attention, take note, and commit such desires to memory.

Keep in mind that any rules your wife or girlfriend and her big cock-wielding partner may establish are subject to change at any time – and you, being the perfect and most obedient fluffer boy, are bound to readily adapt to and honor these modifications at a moment’s notice.

…And in the End

One thing will always be true: If you are genuinely committed to being the best possible all-purpose cuckold, your first duty will be to those you serve -YOUR partner AND HER partners- and you will consider yourself very fortunate to be able to “assist” in any way you can, whether or not you are granted the opportunity to serve as fluffer, now, later or maybe even never!


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