So you want to be a cuckold?

You want to be a cuckold, but are you strong enough?

Cuckold BootCamp

I know you want to be a cuckold. But, do you REALLY have what it takes to be one? It takes a loyal devotion to your wife to be a man strong enough to want his wife to be with other men. You have to be pretty secure in your manhood, as well, to know your wife is being pleased by another man.

Perhaps, start out with just watching Cuckold Porn together.

Does your cock get rock hard when you imagine your wife as the porn star? Does the idea of her lips sucking another man totally drive you mad, in a good way? Well, then, you might just have a cuckold fetish. The idea of another man dumping his load inside of her pushes you to explode, but, do you still crave it even when your cock is soft?

Sometimes a hot role play is perfectly fine to satisfy that fetish ache.

You might not want to take the chance of seeing your wife riding bareback on your best friends. But, that gangbang fantasy might be just what you need to ignite your fire. You know that either way, I’m going to tease you about being a filthy cuckold. I love pushing you slowly to wanting release. Cuckold role plays are definitely one my favorite types.

I guess it should make sense since I cuckold my own husband in real life!

Do you need a hot, steamy cuckold role play too?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

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