virtual cuckolding

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There are many ways to cuckold a submissive man. The most typical would be a woman who enjoys having sex with other men, or anyone except her significant – or not so significant – other. But honestly, you can cuckold your less than sexually adequate mate, with another woman, with a cuckoldress shemale, even a sexy cuckolding Fembot! Literally anyone. But the most important part of cuckolding is the training. Therefore, the special assignment here will be a two part-er, to immerse you in virtual cuckolding, while you practice being a good cuckold in real time! The first part involves four steps before we get to the real fun of virtual cuckolding and phone sex training.

virtual cuckolding

Virtual Cuckolding – The First Step

Before we get into the virtual aspect of your cuckold training, the first part of your training will involve collecting the necessary implements to emasculate you. So step one: Buy yourself a dildo. Wall mounted or otherwise, and make sure the dildo is at least 8 inches long and nice and girthy.

Step two: Buy yourself a pair of pink panties, to be worn at all times, even under your clothing. And to be worn with nothing else, in front of whoever ends up being the cuckold bull… which very well could be another woman!

Step three: Practice sucking, licking, and gagging on that dildo, practice deep throating it. Pretend that dildo is a representation of the “bull” or the Mistress’ strapon cock or the yummy shemale cock your wife prefers over your tiny tic tac.

Step four: Practice eating your own cum, but not just any old way of eating your own cum. Jizz all over the dildo, pretend that dildo is the cock that’s just emptied a load in your wife’s pussy. Lick it clean and swallow every drop. Do this every single time you cum.

BONUS: Practice bouncing on that dildo. Stick it right up your ass and imagine that cuck bull establishing their dominance over your man pussy! Good! Now you’re ready for the next step.

virtual cuckolding

Virtual Cuckolding – Part Two

The next part of your training requires you to have a computer and a good graphics card. So step one: Get a good gaming pc that can handle 3D graphics. This is technical stuff, but very important. Step two: Go here and make an account. Then go here to download the Firestorm viewer. Both account set up and downloading the viewer are free. Make SURE you download the firestorm viewer! This is very important, as a lot of the in-world implements we use require remote access that will only work on Firestorm. Step three: Log in and go to Enchantrix Empire! Set up a session with one of our amazing virtual world phone sex Mistresses, and let us know you’re here for your virtual cuckolding training. We have plenty of familiar faces from our LDW sites, and two new guest Enchantrix Mistresses at the Empire! Are you ready to take the plunge – pun intended – into virtual cuckolding?


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