Humiliation is an intricate part of any cuckold scene or lifestyle. It’s built right in. The question is to what extent? I’ve been playing with a few extreme cuckold humiliation pets recently in various role-plays. They fall under the extreme umbrella, for sure. More about that in the audio (points down). But there is the sensual variety out there as well. Let’s take a look

Sensual Cuckold Humiliation

Sensual cuckie humiliation, vs extreme cuckold humiliation, has a milder presentation. Absorbing every small nuance and detail, how the bull is better , greater than the cuckold. One great example is the hot wife’s reaction to the bull’s big cock juxtaposed with you, her cuckold’s smaller member. Her gasp of air when she first experiences his ample appendage is so humiliating. You’ve never heard that from her, have you? Not like that, no. Her mouth as wide as her eyes, you are gazing at her face when her eyes travel up to yours. That moment you lock eyes, she huskily whispers to the bull “give me more …” and your insides melt as your cock ignites and explodes with desire.

A dozen or more small nuances like this all add up to a whirlwind experience for the cuckold. As he is further emasculated by every one of those elements, it ramps up his desire like nothing else. He can relax, now. He’s found his place.

Extreme cuckold humiliation

Cuckold Humiliation

Extreme Cuckold Humiliation

“Who the hell wants “that” near their pussy!” She seethed, “certainly not me, not anymore”! Look, I’m tired of faking it. Sure I orgasm but not because of that pathetic schlong you have. If you want to be anywhere near Me and my pussy again, you are going to help me find a decent cock for me to screw!

Your heterosexual vanilla life has just ended. You might be in love (?) with this vixen but aren’t sure. Definitely, in lust, you’ll do anything for a chance to remain near her and that sweet pussy. Head spinning, you’ll agree to anything at this point.

Fast forward and you are in your pink panties kneeling before the largest penis you’ve ever seen outside of porn flicks. Your heart is racing and you can’t believe she’s made you into this! First by denying you, then for months learning to please and (sobbing on the inside) crave to be filled with her strap-on! She was training you to suck cock and to crave it! You kneel, your panties soaked in precum as she taunts you. “You are so gay, you so want to suck it! Get that dick ready for me,” she laughs as you see her leaning against the headboard in that negligee that drives you mad.

With trembling hands, you reach for that bull’s cock. You are sexually aroused, serving your wife’s bull and you couldn’t be happier. When the time comes she makes you say it. She makes you beg him, for her. “Please, pleasure my wife …………”

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