ass worship

Worship Your Queen, Cuckold!

Let me guess. Like all cuckolds, you brag about how good you are with your tongue. I wonder if you’re good enough for cuckold oral servitude.

I should let you know upfront that I’ve had a lot of mouth slaves, and I can tell the real tongue sluts from the pretenders. You may think you love to lick pussy, but licking pussy and being a face throne for a dominant woman are two very different things.

For one thing, licking pussy is mostly about you. Oh, I know you make women cum, and that makes you feel like the goddamn fucking man, but it’s still about you–your skills, your manliness, and your pleasure.

When you’re a throne for a dominant woman, you’re serving her through body worship. The operative word being, of course, worship.

Since you’re a cuckold, you already know your place is on your knees, under a superior woman. You’re not designed to be on top, plowing your way to bliss between a woman’s legs. I’m sure you have seen enough real men doing just that to know you don’t even begin to measure up.

What you may not have figured out yet, cuckold, is that you should worship any woman who allows you to get anywhere near her blessed womanhood.

You should sacrifice for her. You should make her needs your needs.
See, it’s not about you–your tongue, your mouth, your wee wee, your orgasm. You are serving a woman who can get any number of men to service her. She has chosen you to serve her, even if she’s only sitting on your face and cuckold queening you.

Aren’t you lucky to have a cuckold Mistress who knows how to get you right where you belong, and keep you there?

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