Your wife wants sex but not with you.

This is the number one reason why you’re a cuckold. You don’t measure up. Sometimes that is quite literally size related when you have a small penis. Other times that means that sex with you isn’t fun, exciting, or pleasurable. That’s certainly the case with someone named Quick Draw.

“I knew that she would never experience sexual pleasure to its fullest so long as she was only experiencing my little dick for a solid 5 minutes when at its best efforts.”

Your hot wife deserves better

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than you.

When a beta male realizes that his wife deserves a superior man it can be a tough day for a potential cuckold. But … once he understands the reality he begins to ask, how can I get my wife to cuckold me?

Test out what that sexy woman really wants in bed.

You can ask her if you’re okay in bed. Chances are she might not tell you, at least not at first. Do the porn test:

“To also add “spice” to the bedroom, we starting watching Porn together. Softcore and romantic at first, but eventually advancing into hardcore areas. … Her eyes would light up in amazement.”

What’s the lesson here?

If you want to keep your hot wife…

The lesson is this: If you want to keep that sexy woman in your life, you’d better acknowledge and encourage her sexual needs. Your wife will thank you; listen to this cuckold audio about the thank you to a cuckold.
Are you ready for the journey?

Your Experienced Mistress,
Ms. Olivia


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