Cuckold Training with Mistress Alexis 800-601-6975I love spending time with my girlfriends. There is nothing so sacred as the bond between a woman and her best friends and their husbands. That’s right, their husbands. Beware the group that has a fifth wheel in the shape of a penis. If your wife’s girl-group has a reoccurring male guest appearance, then that can mean only one thing. He’s either a cuckold or a bull stud, and you could be next!

What a Cuckold Typically Looks Like

You’re probably wondering how you can tell which is which. Here are some clues to look out for. Watch the way the women interact with the male in question. If they seem really protective of him and speak softly to him all the time like a girl, then he is most likely a cuckold. If they touch him a lot then that is also usually a dead giveaway. They touch him because they are not threatened by him. It’s like he’s been neutered.

If, on the other hand, the guy is very comfortable with the group and has no problems touching them, any of them, whenever he wants, then he’s probably a bull stud. He’s rounding all the bases and sliding into home plate with your wife and all of her friends. They don’t mind one bit. When something is that good, ladies are all about sharing. After all, they’re all hot wives with cuckold husbands like you. All he does is keep them satisfied beyond their wildest dreams.

Cuckolds Aren’t Real Men

Awww, was it wrong of me to just assume you were a cuckold? How do I know you’re not the bull? That’s easy. If you were a real stud, you would be busy plowing some woman senseless, not wringing your hands trying to figure out what a cuckold is. So the next time your wife’s “friends” show up for a girls night in, beware the one with the penis. He’s got your future written all over him.


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