Miss Rachel tells cuckolds the harsh truths! 1-800-356-6169Surprise! You thought only men with small cocks or beta personalities ended up as cuckolds, didn’t you? You thought only premature ejaculators and those with erectile dysfunction got cheated on by their wives. You thought women only sought out other men to satisfy them if their husband didn’t have enough stamina or a low libido.

You’ve been proud of your cock ever since you realized it was bigger than most others in the locker room. You keep fit, and you can get it up practically on command. You’re always willing, and you’re a nice guy, too. You treat your wife like a princess everywhere but the bedroom and do your share of the housework.

You ask yourself, why the hell did I end up as a cuckold?

Well, I’ll tell you: It’s because you’re a lousy lay.

Did you really think all you needed to be a good lover is a big dick? Common mistake. And frankly, I’m glad to see you getting your comeuppance! Miss Rachel knows everything, and as much as you protest that there’s no reason your wife should want to seek out other men, you’re only good on paper.

Your ego created a hotwife.

She tried to tell you. Yes, she did. I know she did because I’ve been in her position before I got wise. Women are socialized to protect the male ego, and there’s no ego so difficult to protect as the one belonging to a man who thinks his shit don’t stink.

You tossed her around like a ragdoll in bed, pistoning your big old cock in and out of her mindlessly, smashing her cervix with no rhythm and no variation whatsoever, so self-absorbed that you willfully mistook her cries of discomfort for pleasure.

Miss Rachel tells cuckolds the harsh truths! 1-800-356-6169

You thought you were god’s gift to women, didn’t you?

You learned how to fuck from watching porn, didn’t you? Well, porn is fun, cuckie, but it’s not real! It’s designed to get you off while you beat your meat, but it teaches you very little about how to do the same for her!

Mentally tooting your own horn, talking over her subtle cues with your “yeah, you like that, don’t you?” *eye roll* Did you notice that that was actually supposed to be a question? A question the answer to which you were actually supposed to listen?

And when she DID finally get through to you, gently suggesting that you do something different, you pouted, didn’t you? You got surly and defensive, and even said, “I know what I’m doing!”

Well obviously, you don’t. And since you couldn’t make the most of the subtlest blow to your ego, you’re going to have to adjust to a more blunt assault on it–your wife fucking other men!

Take your medicine, cuckie!

Miss Rachel tells cuckolds the harsh truths! 1-800-356-6169Yeah, I suppose you could learn how to fuck, even at this late stage. But why should your wife forgo the hot sex she’s finally getting while you do so? Don’t try to reel her back in. Take this as penance, for all those nights of thoughtless pistoning and petulant refusal to change. You were more enamored with your cock than with your wife, and now you pay the price.

Did you know you’ve actually got an inch or two on the stud she’s fucking now? Fat lot of good that does you! A massive cock attached to a man who doesn’t know what to do with it is about as useful as tits on a bull!

You’re lucky she’s going to let you watch how her boyfriend fucks her. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two. And keep your hand off of your cock, for gods’ sake! You’ve let the sensations in your cock be the center of your attention for far too long!

I’ll be with you pointing out the important things for you to take note of, and just maybe you’ll be allowed sloppy seconds for practice. I doubt you can do much damage then, as she’ll already be well satisfied by her attentive new lover!


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