The Voyeuristic Cuckold

You are a grateful cuckold. Not only are you grateful, you are a voyeuristic cuckold. You just love to watch another man use your wife for his sexual pleasure, or is it the other way around? Is it your wife that is using him for her sexual pleasure. I am sure it is the latter one. You are grateful that another man can please your wife and you get to watch. Voyeurism is something you have always been into. Over the years, you would secretly watch your roommate with his You love to watch, because you are a voyeuristic cuckold!girlfriend. You would take the time out to sneak a peek at your neighbors because they never shut the curtains.

The thought always made you hot to be able to watch your wife with someone else. You can’t stop fantasizing about being able to see another man take your wife into his arms while you sit in the room, with your erect dick, your heart pumping and your dick hard.

Watching Other Men with Your Wife

When you get to watch your beautiful wife in the arms of another man. Where do you want to be? Do you want to sit in the corner across the room, watching from afar so they forget that you are there? Maybe the idea of you hiding in the closet so they don’t know you are there, maybe that is where you really belong, in the closet! Does that excite you?

Taking on the Role of a Peeping Tom

Some husbands want to be right there, sitting on the bed, caressing their sexy wife and looking deep into her eyes as her boyfriend makes her scream out his name. Some men even want to have her on all fours so he can have his head right under her pussy so he can have a super hot view and catch all of her juices. Perhaps even more, like eat her fresh cream pie.

No matter where you sit while your wife is cheating on you right before your very eyes. Fucking another man, Cumming with another man. You will be forever grateful to be able to watch. To see another man enjoy your wife and make her cum in ways you wish you could. You will savor the moment and be so grateful that you get to watch.

I am your Cuckold Queen.


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