Wouldn’t it just be so much easier for you if you could pretend none of this was happening?

That this wasn’t your actual reality? If you could close your eyes and everything could go back to the way it used to be, before you agreed to be your wife’s cuckold, everything would be normal again. But you did agree, didn’t you? She came to you and said she was feeling unfulfilled in the marriage, that she just needed more, and you, pathetic and weak, begged her on your knees not to leave you. What would you be without her? Where would you go, and how could you survive? So you agreed to anything, anything just to keep her in your life. And now here you are, a sissy cuckold.

I bet you never thought you’d wind up a true sissy cuckold, did you?

sissy cuckold 800 356 6169Of course, you didn’t. You thought she’d bring home a man, they’d screw, you’d get off, and things would go back to normal. How could you have foreseen all of this? These changes, the way things are now, is so far removed from your previous life that it may as well all be a fever dream. You’re no longer the head of the household, though you do bring home the paycheck still. You don’t get to decide where you go on vacation, and you don’t even sleep in the same bed as your wife. Instead, you must endure the endless humiliation of knowing your wife is functionally another man’s slut. You’re just the sissy cuckold who serves them both.

She fucks him in your bed, and you listen from the hallway.

You know that if you were a real man you’d have put a stop to all this. You’d man up and tell your wife to stop fucking around. You’d kick that man out of your house, change the locks, and this would all be done. You could go back to being the man of the house, to getting to have sex with your wife instead of just licking her creampie after she’s done being fucked by your Bull. But you’re not a real man; you’re barely human at this point, a hollowed out shell of what you used to be.

And the worst part, the most humiliating part, is when you cum in your pink panties after licking your wife’s used cream-filled pussy.

Meanwhile, her bull laughs at you and calls you what you are: a sissy cuckold.