The cuckold husband should heed Ms. Piper's advice!

Confessions Welcome Here

You should be ashamed of yourself, sneaking around, spying on your hot wife and her bull lover with your hand down your pants.

You’re a dirty little masturbator, knocking your dicklet and balls around in your boxers, your eyes glazed over with your drooling tongue hanging out of your mouth. It’s quite a contrast to your “other” life, where you act like a grown up, making good money, drive a nice car, and are respected by your colleagues.

Gee, I wonder what all of your colleagues would think about you if they could see you now? Hiding in the bushes, peeking in your windows, your ear pressed up against the glass like some horny Peeping Tom.

Why don’t you finally just come clean to your sexy wife? Let her know you’re aware of her cheating ways, and you totally understand. Let her know you spend hours on the internet surfing cuckolding porn. Let her know you want your wife to make you her cuckold.

Wouldn’t you rather watch the action from the bedroom? You won’t have to strain to hear, and you’ll have a front row seat to your wife’s erotic escapades.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be allowed to have a special job like cream pie cleanup or even cuckold fluffer.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of you skulking around like a naughty masturbator, sniffing around and humping your fist. You’re rightfully humiliated, and that’s fun for me. But eventually you’re going to get yourself in trouble.

Take my advice and come clean to your wife. Explain to her how you understand you don’t measure up and how much you want her to be happy.

Be a man for once in your life and take responsibility for being the cuckold husband you are.


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