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Do you need a taste?

Look, the time I spend with my lover is private. The last thing I want when he’s sexing me up is to hear some small penis cuckold fapping away in the corner.

My lover is a fucking hottie. He’s tall and lean, with beautiful long legs and a flat belly. He has a beautiful long, thick cock, slim hips, and a tight ass. The only thing I want to see is my man, dipping his face between my legs before he climbs on top of me and slides his cock balls deep inside me.

I know you want to see that too, don’t you? Don’t you want to see my face while he fills me up and stretches me out?

This is not some porno movie you’re watching. I’m not some kind of slut wife who fucks anyone with a hard dick. You know I’m in love with this man because he’s sexy and hot, but also because of who he is. He has integrity and principles, and he loves me too.

So where do you fit into my love affair? Well, your place must be earned. What are you bringing to the table, besides a hard little weenie and greedy beady eyes, staring?

You know, you always said your tongue made up for your other shortcomings, so let’s talk about what your tongue can do for me and my lover now. Why don’t you make me an offer I can’t refuse?

My lover’s cock is huge, and it’s hard for me to suck it. Might I suggest you take over that particular duty? You know being a cuckold fluffer is an honor, don’t you?

Not to mention the cream my lover leaves in my pussy when he cums. Earn your place in my bedroom with your willingness to lap it up. If you’re a good boy, maybe I’ll let you hump my leg when you’re done.

That’s a pretty good trade, if you ask me!

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