Secretly bi cuckold submissive

When I first began offering encouragement and acting as a confessional to horny submissive men, I was surprised at how many of you are married. I was further surprised by how many of your wives have no idea about your kinkiest fantasies. But what was most surprising, was the number of you whose secret fantasies involve cock. Big cocks. Sucking and fucking them. Draining balls. Becoming a complete beta servant to Alpha male libidos.

Many of you use O/ur time together as your only outlet for your fantasies, because despite being dirty cock whores internally, externally you either desire to remain faithful to your wives, or simply don’t want to take the risk of blowing up your life to realize your fantasies. But there are others of you who have already blown past that societally-endorsed boundary, and have been seeking out cocks left and right. You’re secretly bi or even gay closet cock suckers, and your wife or girlfriend has no idea.

The only problem I have with that is, given that I am a believer in female superiority, disrespect to one woman is disrespect to all. Cheating on your wife is a form of disrespect, of course. Secretly I therefore hope you do get caught. But it’s not a specific goal of mine that you should lose half of what you own. If I had My druthers, the result of your wife learning that you are a cock slave for better men than yourself would be that you would become her cuckold.cuckold husband

Yes, that’s a nice idea, isn’t it? Imagine your wife telling you that the only thing saving you from complete financial annihilation is that you agree not only to continue servicing cocks, but that they be vetted by her, in person. Maybe instead of your usual practice of putting up ads on Craigslist offering your hungry holes for plugging and pounding, you have to make clear when you do that you’re a cheating married faggot, and that although your wife realizes she can’t break your addiction to cock, she is seeking assistance in humiliating you for it. What if, under her supervision, you were at pains to state that you are specifically looking for a stud cock to please your wife, and that you beg allowed to be used as a fluffer and creampie eater?

Or maybe things can be compartmentalized. When a stud is looking to simply get his balls drained, or the leeway to be indifferent to the pleasure or even comfort of his cum dump, he is welcome to call you, but when he wants a more well-rounded experience involving give and take, he can call your wife. The two of them together can decide whether or not they want you present for their rendezvous, or whether they want to leave you pulling your pud on the couch in the living room to the strains of the frame-squeaking and moans of ecstasy occurring in your marriage bed. They can even decide whether or not to put you in chastity and deny you the pleasure of pussy as further punishment!

You’re a cuckold waiting to happen!

What would that look like, the first time the new relationship dynamic took place?

Listen in to one scenario I imagine, and then fantasize about your own!

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