Are you an unknowing cuckold for your hot wife?You’ve spent countless hours trying to figure out how to get your wife to cuckold you. You’ve fantasized about her taking a big black cock more times then there are numerals in existence. You may have even called me a time or two in order to express your very deep-seated desires. I’ve heard every word, but have you been listening?

Your wife already has a secret.

Have you been paying attention? Have you read the signs? Your wife has been dropping an assortment of subtle hints secretly hoping you might pick up on them. Take her lingerie drawer for instance. It is filled with exquisite and inexpensive items. What’s interesting is that you can’t remember the last time you saw her wear any of those for you. Humiliating her cuckold husband is one of the great joys a hot wife can have.

You’re more of a cuckold than you thought.

Those book club meetings sure do go on late. And she always comes home awfully relaxed. Now that you think about it, she’s never carrying a book when she rushes out the door with that bottle of wine that looks oddly like champagne. If you really want to confirm your cuckold suspicions, there is one thing you can do to be sure. Click the banner to check out my audio and find out exactly what I mean.


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