Cuckold Mistress AlexisHas anyone asked you for your number lately? The next time they do, here’s what I want you to say. “I’m number two.” That’s right. Every cuckold has the exact same number. There’s no variation to it. And when you say it, be sure to do so with a smile because you should be proud. It takes a strong wimp to step aside and let a real man handle the job of pleasing his wife.

Being number two means giving up control.

Second place. Notice I didn’t say second best. Your hot wife may have a string of lovers eager to satisfy her. But you still get to be the one who she calls husband. You get all the perks like wearing the cute little apron while you prepare the meals. You get to sniff her well-worn panties from her bull stud encounters before hand-washing them. And if you’re really good, you might even get to kiss her feet.

A cuckold under lock and key.

The saying goes that if you love something you should protect it. And if your wife loves you, then she will no doubt lock up that sorry penis of yours. That way you can look down with pride and see that shiny lock while her lover drills her with that huge dick of his.

When the light catches it just right, you’ll see that pretty key dangling between her breasts. It’s a matching set! A symbol that you’ll always be together through thick and thin. Of course, that last statement just might be referring to the cuckold creampies that will be waiting for you at the end of the night.


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