cuckold cupcakeAccepting your role as a cuckold isn’t always as easy as it seems. It can be about more than simply accepting the fact that your girlfriend or wife has sex with other men, and maybe even about more than fluffing or cleaning up creampies. If your wife or girlfriend happens to see one man, and not only that, wants to integrate him into your household, you may be asked to take pains to assure both him and your wife that you know your place. You may be asked to embrace the role of cuckold cupcake.

The Cuckold Cupcake diffuses power struggles before they happen!

You know how competitive men are. You’ve been socialized as a man all your life, and even if you are used to ending up on the losing end of the manhood competition, you’ve had plenty of time to observe the behavior of those who tend to win. They are territorial, and they don’t suffer challenges to their rightful place gladly. If you’re a lifelong beta male (which many cuckold husbands are), you also know all the tricks associated with assuring an Alpha that you are not in competition. In a live-in cuckold relationship, these tricks and traits are all the more important. After all, there can only be one man of the house in such a situation, and you may be called upon to acknowledge, both verbally and non-verbally, that you realize it isn’t you.

You’ve already been demoted. Your manhood is already devalued if not utterly in question. But you’re still a member of the household, and this calls you into closer relationship with your wife’s lover than it would if she were seeing many men, seeing only one outside of the house, or only having him come over when they want to fuck. In the audio that accompanies this post, I will explain to you what the role of cuckold cupcake entails, suggest associated behaviors for you to practice, and other ways of speaking and behaving that will make it clear to you, your wife, and her lover that you bow to his authority in this unique living arrangement.

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