What is better than eating a scrumptious semen cream pie?

I spray a bit of coconut spritz between my legs and on my wrists before we start. I want my little cuckold to have a really good time, too. You go between my legs, like a good beta male, and smell the delicious coconut, semen cream pie. My perfume smells amazing. So, naturally, you rub your nose between my beautiful lips.

Eat the semen cream pie out of Ms. Simone's pussy!

Lick the creampie, cuckie!

This is when I pounce you with my excited pussy!

I flip on top of your eager face, and let my cream pie pour out on to your mouth! In response, you wiggle and jerk a little bit underneath me. This only adds to my eager pussy’s overwhelming desire, sweetheart!

I know you weren’t expecting it, and that is what is so perfect about being pounced by the cream filled pussy. I love surprising you with your delectable treat. You open your mouth to scream out and complain about the unknown semen. This, of course, is purely pointless, as it just adds to my enjoyment. I use this as an opportunity to push harder on your open lips.

Your open, bitching mouth makes you take the semen down your throat easier. 

The more you fight, the more excited I get, as I treat it like a game. Oh, honey, stop complaining and eat your pie! You know how much you love it. Also, it’s zero calories and makes me happy, so how can you complain?”

After a while, you decide that I am, in fact, correct. You resolve yourself to be a good cuckold, to make me happy, and lick my pussy, like a good cuckold. Of course, by this time, you pretty much have taken all the semen down your throat. Now, you are just licking my pussy while sobbing softly. I tell you that no matter how many times you lick out my cream pie, it never ceases to excite me.

You smile, and know this is true. This is why you love licking out my pussy, and we both know it, cuckie. Making me happy is the highlight of your world, as it should be.

I would love to be the highlight of your world too!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone


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