Are you ready to be Cuckoldress Piper's over-under cuckold?

You Know You Need It!

I can be a very demanding cuckoldress. I don’t settle for mediocre service, which is why I instituted an under-over policy for my cuckolds.

Cuckolds belong UNDER their cuckoldress in every way. She is, of course, superior to her cuckold, and she wears the proverbial pants in the family (which show off her delectable backside, of course!).

A good cuckold husband understands that he’s very lucky to have the pressure of remaining in control when it comes to his wife’s sexuality. He knows it takes a lot more than his UNDER-whelming and UNDER-performing cock to please his wife.

He leaves quenching his cuckoldress’ insatiable hunger and thirst for meaty dick and endless pounding to the experts: those hot young studs she entraps at the college bars.

An obedient cuckold also understands that his position in the household is to be OVER when his wife demands it. She orders him into position when she needs a little entertainment. One of her favorites, of course, is Ass OVER Teakettle position. Cuckolds must train and practice to serve Mistress this way, because it requires a great deal of flexibility.

Ass OVER Teakettle requires cuckolds legs over his head, with his little cuck nubbin pointing at his face while his hot wife strokes him to completion and watches his little cucky cum splatter his cucky face.

It is, of course, in this position his cuckold wife can have access to his little cuck pussy, and keep him submissive and trained. A cuckold wife can also order her cuckold husband OVER on his back, with his legs spread and in the air, begging for his wife’s nice long, thick strap-on dildo. If he’s lucky, it’ll be the same size as her lover’s substantial meaty cock!

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