Being a cuckold fluffer is a great way to please your wife!

This year, don’t make your wife go to an expensive hotel that will just cost you more money, or take the chance of having to go her bull’s house to enjoy a nice big cock.  Treat her to the comforts of the home that she already knows.  It’s time that she started having sex in her own master bedroom.  Now, this does not mean that you can’t participate. Your job as the second partner is to watch and enjoy yourself.

Two guys are always better than one when having great sex!

Well, maybe you will do a bit more than just watch. But, don’t get too excited.  You aren’t going to be the one that is going to be screwing your wife.  I think it is better to leave a thing such as that to someone more qualified, don’t you?  I think your job would  best fulfilled as the fluffer to the big bull.  It’s important that your wife has someone she trusts to get that cock nice and hard.  Who does she trust more than you?  She absolutely adores you.

This is why you will be in charge of fluffing that huge cock!

But, that’s not all!

You will also need to wrap your hands around that big cock and place it inside of that tight little pussy.  It won’t be too tight after she’s done with it.  But, then, she was not planning on having sex with you afterwards anyway.  Rather, what she will need afterwards, my little cuckold, is a nice tongue bath.

Are you ready to give your wife a tongue bath, my little cuckold?

I LOVE this role play!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

Be a fluffer for your wife!

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