Cuckolding in 2017 is for luck and abundance.

Your cuckolding resolution is to make sure your wife is sexually satisfied.

Cuckolding in 2017!

Let’s make a New Year’s resolution right now to do some things differently in 2017. It does not make sense to make silly resolutions about losing weight and such, when we both know that it is not going to happen. No, it’s better to have resolutions you will actually make happen.

Decide that your wife will have an active, satisfying sex life in 2017.

Yes, you can lick her pussy, but that is still not what I would call truly satisfying. She deserves to have a nice large bull that can penetrate her vagina in ways that your little penis is just not capable of doing. You just don’t have the correct equipment to give her the incredible sex she deserves.

Find her a great lover, little lucky cuckie.

This may not be as difficult as it sounds. She just needs to find a man with a substantially larger cock than you have. There are many websites that married women can go to look at a man’s cock before she goes out on a date with him. Hell, many men will send a picture of their cock if they think it will get them laid. Also, if all else fails, there is your best friend. We both know he has a larger cock than you, and that is a great place for her to start.

Now that your officially a cuckold, the hard part is over.

Now, all you have to do is wait for the luck and abundance to roll in. Note, you will still have to do a lot of pussy licking in 2017, but at least your wife will finally be satisfied with abundant sex.

The real magic of the New Year is this.

If you wife is happy, your life becomes easy as cake. So, make sure your wife is well taken care of sexually, and abundance and luck will just roll into your life. What else could you ask for, my little cuckold?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone


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