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I’ll keep your secrets!

As you know, you’re not always allowed in the room when I cuckold you. Sometimes you have to wait outside the door, like a good boy, while I fuck my bull lover.

I know it’s horribly humiliating to sit right outside the door while my lover and I stain the sheets in our marital bed, especially when I make you sleep in the wet spot! You don’t seem to mind the humiliation, though, because you have a big wet spot in your panties by the time he’s fucked me into oblivion.

Tonight, however, I have a surprise for you! I’m going to allow you to earn a front row seat to the action!

I’m going to cage up your little cuckold penis, and put you in a very tight and sexy thong panty while you’re sitting outside the door to our bedroom!

Now, I know you’ll be tempted to want to minimize your erection, and minimize the pain caused by your cuckold penis straining against the cage, by thinking about the last time I sent you to buy tampons for me. If you want that front row seat, I wouldn’t advise that!

I will be measuring the wet spot in the satin front of your panties, and I want at least a three inch, as in the same length of your penis, diameter spot if you want to watch your hot wife get plowed by her lover!

What’s all that groaning about? You’re not worried that you might not be able to soak your panties that much, are you? Surely you’ve made a much bigger mess in your panties many times. Oh? You weren’t caged then? Your little clitty could get hard, and that made it easier.

Hmm. You know I think you might have a point. Just sitting on the floor in a tight thong with a caged cucky pee pee might not do the trick.

Bend over. You heard me! Bend over.

There’s nothing like a big butt plug to get the juices flowing! Now you’ll not only hear me cumming over and over again while my man fucks me, you’ll have a little something to grind on too! I’m sure that’ll help immensely.


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