There are many ways to cuckold your husband during the holidays!

Holiday cuckolding for your husband is so much fun...for the WIFE!

How to Cuckold?

I recommend starting by just simple flirting. You don’t have to go all the way the first time to enjoy cuckolding your husband. You can just do some simple flirting until you work up the courage to go all the way with your new lover. Now, is the best time of year to look for that new bull to mount. I recommend using the holidays to your advantage to find your new lovers.

Go to all the Christmas parties both work and personal in nature.

Now, make sure when you are at these parties to dress the part. This is not the time to be shy with your body. If you truly want to cuckold your mate, then accent your best body parts. If you have a butt that does not stop, then wear a tight little dress that shows off those curves. If you have great boobs, then wear something v or scoop neck to show them off. Also, don’t forget to wear heels and hose to show off your legs.

Don’t spend a lot of time standing next to your husband.

Rather, do just the opposite. Spend all your time as far away from him as possible. Grab a glass of your favorite drink and just wander the party looking like you are a single lady. Also, don’t be afraid to approach men that are not wearing a wedding ring. You don’t really have to be yourself, you can be someone completely new and intriguing during these parties.

When a guy asks what department you work in, ask him if it matters?

Or, just tell him you don’t want to discuss work. You would much rather discuss more interesting things like books, tv or his cock. Okay, maybe that is a little forward for the first party. But, by the time the night is over, it might not be too forward at all.

If you get caught, or your husband comes over, act like it doesn’t matter.

After all, it really doesn’t matter if he knows.

Just Have Fun, after all, it’s a PARTY!!


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