I do love to be a woman in charge.

In all aspects of my life, I’m the leader. I’m in charge of all the little details, as well as the large ones. Do I need to pick up more all purpose cleaner? What are we having for dinner tonight? Did my lover RSVP for the weekend getaway? Has the cuckold picked up the dry cleaning? All these little details, and the one in the center making sure everything gets done is me. The buck stops here, and what I say goes.

For my cuckold, letting go of the expectation of being the leader in our relationship has been monumentally freeing.

Ms. Harper is always in charge of her cuckold.

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He no longer has to trouble his tiny mind over the minutiae of our daily life. This is a Female Led Relationship, capital letters and all, and he knows his place. You see, he was simply terrible at managing himself before I took over. Simply rotten! He lived in filth, because he had no set routine for housework. He had a string of terrible relationships that ended in flames, because he expected women to wait hand and foot on his incompetent ass and accept mediocre sex and lackluster affection in return. He was just a mess.

And then one day my cuckold discovered that he just could not dictate to me how my life would be lived.

I’m willing to date men with disappointing histories, you see. You get three chances to impress me before I kick your dumb ass to the curb. This cuckold figured out very quickly that I was not going to be waiting on him hand and foot, that I would not rearrange my life to suit his whims, and that I was the very best thing to ever happen to him. So he wised up and figured out that he’d damn well better make himself a valuable part of my life if he wanted to continue to be in it.

All the little details are under my control, and so is my cuckold.

I can set up a google list with tasks, and watch through the day as he completes them. I can send him a shopping list and know that he’ll handle it. On Sundays when I’m in the studio, he’s at home doing housework. Tuesdays he has a cooking class, and on Thursdays he’s at yoga. He works out so he can please me, he reads so that we can have intelligent conversations. I’m in charge, and his life revolves around me now. It’s perfect.

My cuckold is so much happier with a woman in charge.


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