With cuckold training, you can be a good bitch for wifey!

Can You Handle The Heat?

So, I’m not only spending my time training all of you bitches to be good and grateful cuckold sluts, I occasionally train my girlfriends men to take their place as well.

My cuckold training program is simple: establish complete dominance over the cuckold while keeping him so ridiculously horny he can’t say no. In other words, it’s child’s play!

Generally, the first step is delivering the message that my girlfriend isn’t satisfied with her man. This is probably the step that takes the longest, and it must be done correctly.

There are many ways to skin a cuck, but the idea behind this step is to get the cuck to realize that his hot wife is woefully sexually unfulfilled and in need of a serious dick pounding.

Once our little cucky bear realizes his cuck nubbin isn’t doing the job, all it takes from there is getting my boyfriend to flirt with his little lady in front of him. His little submissive cuck cock takes it from there!

After our cucky hero strokes his dick thinking about his girl riding a big dominant bull penis, he always suggests his partner take a lover.

The meeting with her new lover occurs in a hotel bar. Both the cuck and his woman sit at a table and order drinks.

The bull lover comes in and makes a bee line for his woman and immediately kisses her and starts making out, right in front of my cuckold and the rest of the hotel bar crowd!

The cuckold’s wife walks out with the bull, leaving the cuckold there alone and pitied by the other bar patrons. Before they leave, however, the cuck is instructed to get the pair a room and bring the key out to the cuck’s car to his wife and her lover.

Of course, when the cuckold arrives with the key, he has to stand there and wait until his wife finishes blowing the bull in the front seat of the car.

His wife and lover exit the cuckold’s car and trade the room key for his car keys. The cuck is left standing there in the parking lot with a raging hard-on, a deflated ego, and the lingering taste of his wife’s cum covered lips on his.

Now that’s how you train a cuckold!

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